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Offering innovative and on-demand background screening offers for better employment decision making.


With the fast rate of globalization, employment fraud is a growing problem for companies worldwide. False credentials such as fake degrees and inconsistency in employment history are on the rise and it is estimated that 40% of resumes contain false information.

Whether you are a small, mid-size or large corporation, people should be your greatest asset but they can also be your greatest risk. Hiring the right candidate with the right qualification and integrity is important but in today’s hiring climate, it is impossible to accept your candidate at face value. Doing a background check can help to determine if the information provided by the candidate is true and accurate as well as verifying candidate’s working experiences and honesty.

Negligent hires can potentially cause the company to lose money and a threat to its corporate reputation. Some aspect of a candidate’s history may not be suitable for certain positions such as someone with a criminal background may not be appropriate for a security officer position. Such information when not disclosed by the candidate, can only be found with a background check. Doing background screening check is a pre-emptive measure in protecting the organisation.

At Straits Screen, our innovative and on-demand background screening offers an efficient solution to manage your organisation’s risk and helping you in making the best employment decisions. We know hiring can be a long and tedious process, in order not to add on more complexity to it, we develop an online platform for you to easily order a background report in just three simple steps. We help you in verifying the information and qualification of the candidate without compromising the privacy of the candidate during the data collection process. We are a professional and dedicated team who deliver unparalleled level of services to our customers in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

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